Heidi Montag Removes Breast Implants

A couple of years ago, Heidi Montag had like 100 plastic surgery procedures in one day and now it’s ruining her life.
Besides the fact that she couldn’t express emotions with her face and her body looked like a Barbie doll, Heidi’s size F cup boobs led to ruptured discs, spinal damage, back pain and numb arms.
Heidi Montag Removes Breast ImplantsBasically her boobs were ruining her life (sidebar: that’s the making of a great Lifetime movie, “My Boobs Are Ruining My Life: The Heidi Montag Story”)

Heidi, being the fame-seeking phony that she is, enlisted "Entertainment Tonight" to document her recovery from boob madness.
"ET" followed her into the hospital to document her brave journey from an F cup to a D cup. Wait a minute. An F cup is technically a DDD cup. So really, all she did was go from DDD to D. Lame.
Watch Heidi’s horror story here.

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