Denise Richards: Brooke Mueller’s Kids Are Torturing My Kids

The Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen custody/drug/exes drama is getting so confusing and dramatic, we’re refusing to report on it. Everything that comes out of Charlie Sheen’s mouth is nonsense anyways. So when he calls Brooke Mueller a “chubby weirdo,” it’s like, “yeah, and?”
But now Charlie’s mostly-coherent OTHER ex-wife Denise Richards (the one that currently has custody of Charlie and Brooke’s kids) is saying that she refuses to take care of Brooke’s sons Bob and Max any longer because they are crazy violent.
Denise Richards: Brooke Mueller’s Kids Are Torturing My KidsShe wrote a letter to Child Protective Services basically asking them to take the kids away from her. It’s really sad. Here’s just a highlight reel of Bob and Max’s bad behavior.
-They go into a “zombie-like state” and repeatedly kick her dogs in the head and squeeze the dogs' heads.
-The boys tell Denise that they WANT to hurt and kill the dogs.
-The boys have strangled, kicked, scratched, bit, slapped and punched Denise’s daughters Sam, Lola and Eloise.
-Bob has reportedly harmed his schoolmates and even punched and slapped teachers in the face.
-When the boys DO visit their own mother Brooke Mueller, they reportedly stay up until 4 a.m. with her and then complain about having nightmares when they come back to Denise’s house.

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