The REAL Reason Bruce and Kris Broke Up

Yesterday Kris and Bruce Jenner announced what we've long suspected. They are separated.
Kris released some flowery statement about how it’s best this way and that they are still best friends, or whatever, but we know why they really broke up.
The REAL Reason Bruce and Kris Broke UpBruce is fed up. Kris Jenner’s life motto is “it’s all about the brand” and quite frankly, Bruce doesn’t give two sh*ts about the brand anymore. He just wants to fly his model toy helicopters and go golfing with his sons.
Bruce and Kris weren’t fighting or anything, Bruce just got fed up with the momager that Kris has become.
A source tells TMZ, “Kris was on a freight train and Bruce finally wanted off.”
Originally Kris wouldn’t let Bruce move out…because it was bad for the brand, but Bruce was like “screw the brand” and moved to Malibu anyway.
Also, Bruce has apparently become obsessed with mending his relationship with his sons Brandon and Brody, and his relationship with his kids was overshadowing his marriage.
Of course, Bruce and Kris’ split will be featured as the main storyline on the upcoming season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” because THAT is all about the brand.

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