See Miley Cyrus’ Clothed and Beautiful New Photo Shoot

See Miley Cyrus’ Clothed and Beautiful New Photo Shoot
Miley Cyrus has just done a rare thing. She put clothes on. Sort of.
In a new photo shoot for Fashion Magazine, Miley is wearing something other than crop tops and short-shorts. Bonus: She’s not naked or wearing a backwards thong in ANY of them!
Sure, Miley’s wearing a leotard, but it’s a LONG-SLEEVED leotard! For Miley, that’s basically a chastity belt.

However, in some of the photos, Miley’s all covered up in long-sleeved gowns and dare we say it: she actually looks pretty. See Miley, this is what happens when you put clothes on! People call you pretty!
Then again, we're not sure if that’s even a compliment Miley wants. She told the mag, “People expect me to shock – that’s what I do. Shocking people is what I’m good at.”

Also, in case you, like us, are still holding the belief that Miley’s new “image” is just one calculated “F U” all for the sake of publicity…Miley says it’s not.
"I grew up, lived and learned," she said. "I didn’t wake up and say, 'How am I going to change? How am I going to shock people?' I figured out who I am on my own. Artists are supposed to be honest.”
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