Scarlett Johansson: P*rn Is Liberating


Is it just us, or does it feel like it's been awhile since Scarlett Johansson graced us with her presence on the silver screen?
Scarlett Johansson: P*rn Is LiberatingCurrently, after a vague absence it seems, Scarlett’s back in theaters, this time as Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s love interest in his self-produced, -written, and –directed film Don Jon.
In it, she stars as the girlfriend of a New Jersey guy addicted to adult movies, which naturally had her reflecting on her own views regarding X-rated content.
“Pornography can be degrading or can be sexually liberating, if you know how to use it and it is made from an artistic point of view,” Scarlett said to Refinery 29. “But Don Jon is not a film about pornography, it is a social criticism against consumerism.”
That outlook helped her get into the character of Barbara, which not only required her to turn up the sensuality (like that’s really a stretch for Scarlett, right?), but to figure out what’s underneath her exterior as well.
“I loved the sweetness of Barbara,” she said. “Like her, I grew up with young people like them, well-educated, perfect. They are a very determined group of New Jerseyites.”
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