Sandra Bullock: George Clooney Is a Sexy, Vibrant Young Man

We cannot get enough of the adorable platonic friendship between two of Hollywood’s hottest A-listers, George Clooney and Sandra Bullock.
Sandra Bullock: George Clooney Is a Sexy, Vibrant Young ManThese two shine in their new flick Gravity, but off-screen their chemistry burns just as bright.
Sandra only had glowing words to say about George, calling him “sexy” and “vibrant.”
“George is young, he is a vibrant young, sexy, vibrant young man,” Sandra told Hollyscoop at the NY premiere of the movie.
For all of us who are rooting for these two to date each other, Sandra is KILLING US with these comments.
For his part, George was equally gushy about his friend Sandra, saying, “We have a lot in common. She’s actually funnier than any of them though, she kills me, she’s a funny, funny girl.”
Enough with the friend fest! Sandra told us that George pulled one of his usual on-set pranks on her, but for some reason she won’t strike back!
“He’s known for pulling jokes. I’ve yet to pull something back. He’s the mean one, I’m the innocent victim,” she stated, “George is just, he spends so much time doing that behavior, it’s mildly entertaining, it’s mildly entertaining.”
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