Paris Hilton Cusses out Radio Host on Air

In today’s must-hear celebrity outburst, Paris Hilton went off on a radio host following an interview she had this morning and everyone heard it…because she didn’t realize she was still on the air.
Paris Hilton Cusses out Radio Host on Air
On the phone with a Raleigh-Durham radio program called "Bob and the Showgram," the host Bob Dumas asked a question Paris wasn’t expecting: “Do you wish you had never made that sex tape?”
At first Paris hid how upset she was by the host’s zeal to even broach that topic, saying that she places most of the blame on her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon for leaking the tape, calling him “a very sick man.”

That’s where she ended the interview—or thought she ended the interview. Thinking she hung up the phone (when she didn’t), Paris slipped straight into a rant saying what she really thought about the interview.
“That guy was a f*cking a*shole,” she said. “I’m never doing that show again.”
She was also left annoyed that the host didn’t even ask about her new song, “Good Time” featuring Lil Wayne.
Hear the whole interview here:

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