Miley’s Shocking Diet Revealed

It turns out the reason Miley Cyrus is always sticking her tongue out and wagging it around six ways to Sunday is because she’s reportedly starving. Famished. Begging for something to eat.
According to one tabloid, Miley is down to a shocking 95 pounds (she claims she’s 108). Partly due to a hectic work schedule and exhaustion, but also the result of a very strict diet she’s been adhering to while promoting her just released album Bangerz.
Miley’s Shocking Diet Revealed
“There’s no end in sight. Miley is barely eating,” someone close to the pop singer told the outlet, laying out her daily regimen of meals: half a cup of goat yogurt for breakfast, salads for lunch and dinner, carrots and celery sticks throughout the day as snacks.
“It’s irrational, but her need to control her life is coming out in the form of controlling her food,” the source explained. “She’s downing bottles and bottles of cold fennel tea to reduce her cravings at night.”
Raw vegetables are of course healthy, but Miley’s overdoing it, says OK!, quoting a nutritionist who said that without a higher protein intake, her body is breaking down her muscle.
Then there’s Miley’s exercise routine, which is just as taxing. Anytime she “eats anything she thinks will make her fat,” the source said, “she will try to burn off the calories almost instantly by over-exercising…the problem with all of this is that she takes everything to extremes. That’s just Miley.”
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