Katharine McPhee ‘Embarrassed’ by Cheating Scandal

It’s Rob/Kristen/Rupert round two, however this time, the cheating triangle is with a bunch of non-relevant pseudo celebs. Yay!
Katharine McPhee, star of the canceled show “Smash,” (who is married) was spotted locking lips with the show’s director Michael Morris, who is also married.
Katharine McPhee ‘Embarrassed’ by Cheating Scandal
They were caught by paparazzi making out in broad daylight in an LA parking lot.
Anyways, Katharine claims she’s been separated from her husband, but her kissing partner’s wife apparently just kicked him out of their marital home.
Katharine has reportedly told friends she’s “so embarrassed she was caught” but doesn’t seem embarrassed that she ruined a marriage.
However, we don’t think she’s as “embarrassed” as she says. We think she called the paparazzi to capture the lip-lock in an attempt to get her lover to leave his wife.
Here’s our logic.
1.     When was the last time Katharine McPhee was trailed by the paparazzi? She’s C- famous at best. Since when do we EVER see pap shots of her?
2.     Her husband is some 47-year-old dude named Nick Cokas who isn’t recognizable at all. For all the paparazzi knew, she WAS kissing her husband. How did the photographer know that the makeout partner wasn’t her actual husband?
3.     Michael’s wife only found out about the affair this week, most likely after she saw the photos. We have a feeling he would NEVER have told his wife unless he was caught. We think Katharine set up the photo opportunity to put a fire under her lover's a*s.
That’s just our professional gossip queen opinion, but what do we know? We only report celebrity cheating scandals for a living!

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