Britney Spears Drastically Airbrushed for ‘Work B*tch’ Music Video

“You want a new body?” Britney Spears asks in her new single “Work Bitch”—which it turns out is exactly what she got in its accompanying music video.
New before-and-after stills from the video’s production surfaced late yesterday and it turns out her physique was Photoshopped into rock hard oblivion.
Britney Spears Drastically Airbrushed for ‘Work B*tch’ Music Video
Compare the images side-by-side and you’ll see Britney’s greatest SFX here aren’t those CGI sharks…it’s Britney.
HOAX Films, the visual effects studio/digital sorcerers of the music video released the photos to show off their studio’s work (bitch).
The company were hired “[to complete] sky replacement shots, set extensions and cleanup," but never really specified what that “cleanup” was, specifically whether it was a plane flying in the background, extending the desert landscape, or just all of Britney Spears as a human.
This is unfortunate news for the singer, who experienced fallout following the release of "Hold It Against Me" where it was reported that she used a body double for the video's more intense dance choreography. If she keeps going in this direction, maybe the next music video will be a CGI body double of an already CGI Britney Spears.
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