Bertney And The Boobies

Bertney knew she had promised her papa to let people look at her boobies if she got to ride the double bus like a big girl, but it still didn’t make Bertney feel good inside.
“Lettin’ people see my nippler buttons makes me feel icky in mah belly,” Caillou Bertney had said to papa with a sad face. “Sometimes I fink I’ll never be a good girl again.”
“Cheer up, Bertney,” papa said. “This is how we get money for McDonald’s. You like McDonald’s, don’t you?”
Bertney shook her head yes. McDonald’s is her favorite! Maybe showing her boobies won’t be so bad after all.
“Now go on out there and let the people have a look at you with their picture boxes,” papa said while giving Bertney a big hug. “And smile for the lights!”
Bertney couldn’t wait to make more money for McDonald’s. “Papas always make everything better,” she thought with a smile.

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