Vanessa Hudgens in Marie Claire: Good Girl Gone Badass!

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens will see your most recent sexy Instagram photo and raise you a cleavage and midriff-baring pictorial in Marie Claire.

The former High School Musical star doesn't go full-on Miley Cyrus in the October issue of the magazine, but she does show fans a far more mature side than the one to which they may be accustomed.
"I am so comfortable with myself,- honing in on what I love and what makes me powerful," Hudgens says. "Things I've been doing lately, I'm super proud of. So I don't really care if someone doesn't like it, because I love it."
The 24-year old Spring Breakers star has a clear vision of her future (she hopes for "a vintage Mustang, kids and an Oscar"), but also remembers her past.

"My parents drove me up to L.A., which cost a lot because of gas, and took out loans so that we could move from location to location to be close to L.A.," she says. "The family definitely struggled. They were very supportive of me. They gave up a lot so that I could get to where I am."

Of course, her path to this contented place has not been an easy one. There was that infamous Vanessa Hudgens nude photo scandal in 2007, which the star appears to reference when saying:

"I am human like everyone else. I am aware that there are people who look up to me. When mistakes are made, they aren't intentional, and I constantly push myself to be a better person."

And how is it all going for Hudgens? Very well, thanks for asking!

"You have a choice whether you want to be happy or not.  choose to be happy. And it's been working out pretty well."

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