The 10 Sassiest Taylor Swift GIFs of the Summer

Taylor Swift really served it to everyone this summer—with some extra sass sauce on the side!
From interviews to awards shows, the usually peppy singer didn’t hold back when it came to an eye roll or hair flip with serious attitude.
Here are the 10 Taylor Swift GIFs that got you through the sassiest summer ever.
1. Taylor explaining her songwriting process.

There’s nothing like a T-Swift scorned.
2. Clarifying that she didn’t lip-sync at the 2013 Billboard Awards.

3. Detailing the perfect Friday night/your life.

4. Taylor flipping her hair like, “what?”

5. Taylor flipping her hair again like, “seriously, what?”

6. That time her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles was talking and she was all "stop talking."

7. When she saw her bestie making a bad decision.

8. If you ask her ANYTHING about Justin Bieber...

…just keep asking.
9. When she complimented a fan without making eye contact.

10. Just when you thought Taylor Swift couldn’t get any sassier, here’s Taylor Swift singing with Carly Simon.

“You’re so vain, you probably think this GIF is about you!”
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