See Simon Cowell Sing for the First Time

Simon Cowell sang on national TV for the first time ever and it was BADDDD.
Simon’s been throwing around “It was a little pitchy” and “That was horrendous” for the last decade, but when it's finally his turn at bat, we would've given anything for an old school reaction from Paula and Randy.
So why did Simon sing on the "X-Factor"? Certainly not to distract from his pesky baby mama drama.
A contestant performed and was really bad. He sounded like he was drowning.
Demi Lovato, whose sole purpose on the show is to make fun of Simon, tells the contestant, “You sound like what I imagine Simon would sound like singing.”
Cue Kelly Rowland with the mic in Simon’s face and Simon does his best attempt to croon.
In case you’re wondering why Simon’s singing voice sounds like a basset hound stuck underwater, Simon claimed he was trying to imitate the singer that had just performed.

Watch the video below. It’s worth it.
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