See the Rihanna Photo That Got 2 Men Arrested

Jet-setting Rihanna inadvertently led to the arrest of two men in Thailand by posting this incriminating photo on her Instagram.
In the snapshot, RiRi poses with a slow loris perched on her shoulder while vacationing on the island of Phuket.
“Look who was talkin dirty to me!” she captioned the image, and look we all did—including the local government.
That’s because the slow loris—a small, furry primate found in South and Southeast Asia—is a protected species in the country.

Just a day after Rihanna posted the photo, Phuket police raided Bangla Road to find the individuals who were poaching the animals and keeping them captive—sworn to a life of selflessly posing for photos with tourists and Rihannas.
“I had an order from the Phuket Governor to do a raid today after Rihanna posted a photo of her with the loris,” the leader of the patrol officers and senior forest academics at Khao Phra Taew Forest Preserve, Awat Nithikil, told the Phuket News.
The police were successful and ended up catching two men—one 20 years old, the other 16—who “owned” the animals. They also confiscated two lorises, which will be turned over to a national park in Phang Nga.
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