Russell Brand: Katy Perry Lowered My Sex Drive

To fill his daily quota of talking about his ex-wife Katy Perry, Russell Brand shared this story about how their divorce drastically lowered his sex drive.
In the newest issue of GQ (UK), Russell, who treats every interview as a therapy session, confessed that he no longer feels the urge to sleep with as many women as possible since his split from the singer in December 2011.
“I think once you’ve been through that, the information changes,” Russell said. “I just do it when I feel like, or when I can. I mean, it was more like a job before. I did it even if I didn’t want to.”

“I still find a lot of women sexually attractive and I don’t regard it as a problem, but that is less of me,” he explained.
Russell has definitely tamed his wild ways since meeting Katy and even after they divorced. One famous yarn he once spun tells of a time when he slept with nine different women in one night.
“I’m not like that anymore,” he said. “It was madness, out of control.”
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