Miley Humps and Twerks with Bears and Monkeys

There’s this thing called a “quarter-life crisis” and it usually happens to twenty-somethings when they have to get a real job after college, or it happens to twenty year olds who lose their famous fiancé because they prefer being ratchet over being in a relationship.
Anyways, Miley is clearly on the way to rock bottom in her current quarter-life crisis. 
Miley Humps and Twerks with Bears and MonkeysShe has been posting photos on Twitter, all of which are bizarre and twerk-tastic. In one, she’s twerking on the ground with a monkey on her back, that’s got to be symbolic for something.

In another, she’s humping a large red…bear? Is that a bear? Or just a Sesame Street character?
And in the last one, she’s just smiling with a monkey.
“These are definitely going to make Liam jealous,” – Miley’s best friends, all lying to her. 

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