Miley Cyrus Loses 'Vogue' Cover After VMA Performance

Vogue magazine is one of the classiest things left in Hollywood. It’s like the Sir Ian McKellan of magazines. It’s just so regal and respected and guess what, Miley Cyrus was supposed to be on it’s cover, that is, until she stuck her tongue out and danced on someone else’s husband in the scandal otherwise known as "her VMA performance."
Apparently Miley already shot the photos for the cover because Anna Wintour, the boss lady at Vogue, was mesmerized by Miley’s ratchet street fashion and thought she was changing the face of fashion, one bare midriff at a time.
But apparently there IS such a thing as “too trashy” and Miley crossed the line at the VMAs. 
“Anna found the whole thing distasteful. She decided, based on Miley’s performance to take the cover in a different direction," a source told the Daily Mail.
Apparently they will still use Miley’s photos inside the mag, she’s just not going to be the cover girl. It’s like saying, “hey, we were going to give you the Oscar, but then you embarrassed America, so uhh, we’ll give you a fake award but don’t tell anyone we gave it to you.”
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