Lamar’s Mistress: Khloe Barged Into My Home

So, Lamar Odom’s former “roommate,” Polina Polonsky, who is really just his mistress but apparently finds “roommate” to be a more PC term, just unloaded to TMZ all about her summer affair, we mean roommate situation, with Lamar Odom.
Apparently Lamar was living at the Roosevelt Hotel until Polina asked him to move in with her in downtown LA and he did.
During that time, Khloe Kardashian had no idea where Lamar was staying, until one day Khloe showed up at Polina’s house and banged on the door.
“She kept banging on the door, telling me she wanted to talk to me,” says Polina.
Polina refused to let Khloe in until Lamar, who was high at the time, eventually gave in and decided to leave with his wife. When Lamar opened the door, Khloe apparently barged her way into the home.

“She looked like an uncaged animal, she beelined for me,” Polina remembers.
Polina was speaking cryptically about his addiction in the interview, but basically said that Lamar was cracked out when Khloe knocked down the door to come get him. 
After they left, Khloe started texting Polina and calling her names like "crack groupie," like she was holding Lamar hostage or something. This is interesting because it basically means Khloe completely owned up to the fact that her husband was abusing drugs.
This incident reportedly happened in early July or late June…about the time the Kardashians were still pretending that Khloe and Lamar weren’t having marital issues.

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