Kim K Wants to Be More like Sarah Jessica Parker

So, Kim Kardashian is trying super hard to not be a Kardashian anymore. Apparently she’s trying to distance herself from her family and her past (i.e. sex tape, etc.) and her first step is to hire a new publicist, which she’s already done.
Her new publicist is actually fashion phenom Sarah Jessica Parker’s rep, because Kim reportedly wants to be one of those high-end fashion NY socialite types, much like SJP has become.
“Kim wants to be seen as sophisticated, as high-end fashion, not the girl who made a sex tape and is famous for being famous,” a source tells Naughty But Nice Rob, “She is trying to buy her reinvention by employing SJP’s team.”
Well, that’s better than what she was doing before, when she let Kanye West act as her publicist and he put her in that photoshoot for CR Fashion Book, which was SO HIGH FASHION, it was basically a parody.
Anyway, SJP reportedly told someone that she’s completely creeped out that she’s the object of Kim’s affection.
“Sarah thinks the whole thing is flattering but a little creepy,” adds a separate insider, “If Kim wants to become Sarah, her advice would be to go to acting classes. Learn a craft and become admired for the work you do, not just the way you look.”
HAHAHAH that’s the shadiest thing SJP has ever said. But we highly doubt SJP has the time to talk to an Internet tabloid.
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