Kim K: Kanye Made Me Dye My Hair Blond

Yesterday Kim Kardashian dyed her hair blonde and it kind of looks like what happens when a Southern California teenager gets her hands on a bottle of Sun-In and doesn’t know what to do with it.
It’s not great, is what we’re saying. You can view the picture here, but according to Kim’s colorist George Papanikolas, Kanye West was the reason behind the summery change.
“We kept it really modern and rooty,” says George, “Kanye loves it! He was a big cheerleader for her to go blond.”
But a “source” close to Kim says it was more like Kanye was like, “change your hair or I quit this relationship!”

“Kanye wants Kim to have a whole new look now that she’s a mom and with him,” the source told Life & Style, “They talked about her going blond again before she did it.”
Kim: Hey ‘Ye, I was thinking about dying my hair-
Kanye: Sit down! We need to talk about this!
Kim: Ok, I was just gonna highlight it a bit-
Kanye: No! I want you full blonde! You’re with me now; I want none of this “Kris Humphries' wife” brunette crap anymore!
Kim: Okay, fine. I’ll go blonde.
Kanye: Good, now hurry up with my damn croissants!
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