Katy Perry: Did She Diss Miley Cyrus’ VMA Performance? — Video

People are STILL talking about Miley’s raunchy, foam finger-molesting performance at the VMAs! While on ‘Good Morning America’ on Sept. 6, Katy dropped in and seemed to throw some shade Miley’s way for it. Was it just a cute joke or did Katy go too far? Watch below and let us know!

When Katy Perry closed out the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 25, she wore a sexy boxing outfit that showed a good amount of skin. But her “Roar” performance was nothing compared to Miley Cyrus’ sensory-overload rendition of “We Can’t Stop.” So is Katy a little upset that Miley stole all the thunder?

Katy Perry: Did She Slam Miley Cyrus?

Katy stopped by Good Morning America on Sept. 6 to reveal her album cover for Prism, but she also apparently decided to use the appearance as an opportunity to take a jab at Miley (everyone’s doing it, right?).
After Robin Roberts told Katy that she “rocked it at the VMAs,” Katy chimed in: “Honestly I thought that my performance was the most scandalous because I kept my clothes on.”
On one hand, Katy’s comment is just a little fun teasing, acknowledging that both Miley and Lady Gaga turned the VMAs into a mostly nude-only spectacle. But the way the “Roar” singer said it, you can sense a little venom behind the words. So maybe she is a little annoyed that Miley stole her thunder, or she was a little disgusted by the racy performance.

Miley Cyrus’ Biggest VMA Disses

Either way, Miley’s definitely heard worse.
Kelly Clarkson tweeted about the performance, calling Miley and Gaga “#PitchyStrippers.” Brooke Shields said Miley was “a bit desperate,” and Ross Matthews told Ct9 exclusively that Miley seemed like “the drunk girl who doesn’t know when to leave the party.”
So yeah, Katy’s semi-diss probably won’t even register with Miley.
What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Watch Katy below (fast-forward to 4:10) and let us know!

WATCH: Katy Perry On ‘Good Morning America’

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