Justin Bieber Sent Ariana Grande Flirty Texts

This just in! Justin Bieber sent Ariana Grande flirtatious texts back when he was dating Selena Gomez! No!
Now that Ariana Grande is a big deal because she sings like Mariah Carey and maybe is playing hard-to-get with Justin Bieber…an old interview she did has resurfaced, which revealed she and Bieber used to send flirty texts…and if this interview took place before December 2012, then Bieber was doing this while he was still with Selena!
“Justin’s the most famous contact I have in my phone. I felt so cool when he texted me,” Ariana told M Magazine, “I didn’t believe it was him at first. He wrote, ‘What’s up cutie?’ and I dropped my phone and thought, ‘That did not just happen.’”
Woooowwww. Cool story.

Ariana then called Justin “adorable and amazing” later in the interview.
Flash forward to this year and she posts a photo of him kissing her on the cheek, a week later she breaks up with her boyfriend and BOOM now this.
We see a new relationship on the horizon! Either that or we're reading WAY TOO MUCH INTO THIS!
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