Bethenny Frankel Twerks and It’s Terrifying

You know the thing that a cat does before it’s about to spit up a fur ball and/or cough to death?
Yeah, that’s what Bethenny Frankel looks like when she’s “twerking.”
For the record, just because twerking is popular now doesn’t mean that you should try to do it.

Bethenny went on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and showed off her twerking skills, then the telecast went out because God swooped down and put an end to the madness. “Locusts were enough,” God said after laying eyes on Bethenny’s backside.
Apparently Bethenny’s short-lived talk show got renewed, and she already taped the episode where Nick Cannon, of all people, teaches her “how to twerk.”
Clearly, he’s not a very good teacher.
The terrifying moment happens at the 1:50 mark. We couldn’t be bothered to watch any other portion of the interview.

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