+18 Sydney Leathers Chased Anthony Weiner Through McDonald’s Last Night

I spend a lot of time shitting on gun nuts, the South, the Midwest, Christians, Republicans and basically all the things making America dumber by the minute. So for a change, I’m going to make fun of liberals because it’s 9/11 and everyone knows their godless heathenry caused it. “Socialized medicine!? Well, now I have to crash into those buildings,” Osama bin Laden said before planning the whole thing in the palace of George Bush’s best Saudi Arabian friend. Anyway, the New York City mayoral elections were yesterday, so Sydney Leathers crashed Anthony Weiner‘s “victory” party last night (He lost, and how, in case the quotes didn’t give it away.) which apparently required chasing him through a goddamn McDonald’s, according to these sad Vines via Jezebel:
Oddly enough, after this happened, Anthony Weiner conveniently forgot to thank his wife during his concession speech, but that could be less to do with him contemplating if AIDS is really that bad and more with him being a giant dick considering here he is flipping everybody off as he left because, clearly, the citizens of New York should’ve voted for Mayor McDickPhoto if they knew what was good for them. The choice was so obvious it practically sprung up and thwapped them in the face. Via Buzzfeed:
Anthony Weiner Flipping Off Reporters
“I got your fucking thanks right here, you fucking pricks. Now take me to the Apple Store, I heard the new cameras on the iPhone are AWWWEEESSSOOOME.”

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