+18 Robert Pattinson: I Was Obsessed with Kate Moss

Robert Pattinson apparently had a huge crush on Kate Moss throughout his childhood.
He told Harper’s Bazaar Arabia that he had posters of her all over his bedroom.

“I was obsessed. It was a bit ridiculous. The other poster I had up was Linda Blair in ‘The Exorcist.’ They were my two options – a little girl possessed and Kate Moss.”
Well, we now know what Rob’s “type” is. He likes dead girls, dead-inside models, and death-stare girlfriends.
Ladies, want to know how to win over Robert Pattinson? Kill your soul and stay out of the sun and he’ll probably be into it.

Actually, Rob told the same magazine EXACTLY what he looks for in a woman. His type?
"Someone knowing who they are, it's the best. I guess because it's the opposite of what I am - I am so all over the place," says Rob.
Also, now that Rob has done the Dior Homme ad, he thinks he’s a full-fledged fashion person now.
“I want to get more involved with the industry. I really like it. I like drawing couture dresses. I started doing it and was like, ‘What is happening?’ Suddenly I had a sketchbook full of dresses.”
That might be the weirdest thing Rob has ever said. WE STILL LOVE HIM THOUGH!

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