Selena Gomez Debuts Sexy New Look in Leaked Music Video

If you haven’t jumped on the Selena Gomez pop music train yet, NOW would be a good time to do it.
“Come and Get It” was great and all, but Selena’s newest single “Slow Down” is basically a Britney Spears single circa the early 2000s and we are DIGGING IT.
Not only that, but the music video for “Slow Down” is GIVING US all sorts of Madonna and Britney and vintage Janet Jackson. We are DYING.

Selena is wearing a crop top and writhing around a club, like she actually wants you to come and get it. She is ALL GROW’D UP. We can’t believe that this newly minted vixen still lives with her parents. Nuh-uh. We have never seen this side of Selena.
There’s even a full-on dance breakdown and not any of that faux bohemian stuff she tried to pull in her last video. These are some real fist-pumping, booty-popping moves. The stuff of a true pop star.
Watch the video below.
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