Seth Rogen's Drug-Fueled Final Days Confession

What would you do if you only had one last day on Earth and you were Seth Rogen?
The actor caught fans off guard when CT9 asked Seth, co-director of the upcoming action-
comedy This Is The End, what he would do if it was his last day on Earth…
“I don’t know,” Seth said, before finally deciding. “Heroin.”
That’s the type of brazen humor you can expect from This Is The End, what he boasts is “the funniest movie you’ll see in a long time,” starring a familiar team of Judd Apatow players: James Franco, Jay Baruchel, Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd and Danny McBride.
Because of their previous camaraderie, it didn’t take much for Seth, as director, to persuade his cast to push the boundaries of the film’s outlandish brand of comedy.
“They were psyched to do it, honestly,” Seth said. “There wasn’t much convincing. They were all kind of down from the get go. So yeah, it was nice.”
The film is also garnering interest for its seemingly never-ending list of celebrity cameos from Rihanna and The Bling Ring’s Emma Watson, to Channing Tatum and The Backstreet Boys.
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