Liam Hemsworth Steamy New ‘Paranoia’ Trailer

Liam Hemsworth has arrived, you guys. Up until this point, we had only ever seen Liam’s acting in The Hunger Games, in which he has approximately two and a half lines of dialogue.
We never really considered him an “actor,” he was always just Miley’s hot piece. That is until we watched this trailer for Paranoia. We feel reborn.
Liam stars in this thriller about…well, we honestly don’t know what it’s about because the trailer is very confusing and Liam was shirtless for a like a second which caused us to blackout for a minute…so…
We **think** it’s about this guy (played by Liam) who works for Gary Oldman as a spy or something, but then Harrison Ford gets involved and now Liam is working for both of them? And his life is in danger? And he’s hooking up with Johnny Depp’s side-piece Amber Heard? Oh, that parts definitely true. Amber Heard is in the movie and they play lovers.
Liam talked about the role, saying he was nervous to star in a movie with veteran actors like Gary and Harrison, “Knowing that those guys were coming aboard is pretty frightening," he said. "I've never worked with people like that before."
Watch the video below if you want to be jealous of Miley Cyrus’ life.
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