Kim Kardashian Getting Backlash for Paparazzi Tweet

Yesterday, Kim wrote an entire novel on Twitter, saying the paparazzi are threatening her unborn child now that she’s refusing to give them a good shot.
Of course, Kim is notorious for working with the paparazzi to get a good photo, so naturally not everyone sympathizes with the reality star after her “pap rant.”
Let’s recap some of those times when Kim called up the paparazzi to photograph her every move.
-One insider told In Touch, “Kim is very controlling of her image and even works with paparazzi to retouch her photos."
-Nick Lachey once told Details magazine that when he and Kim went on a one-time date, he’s pretty convinced that she called the paparazzi to capture the whole thing. “Let's just say this: We went to a movie. No one followed us there. Somehow, mysteriously, when we left, there were 30 photographers waiting outside,” Nick remembers.
- All of the Kardashian Grecian vacation photos were credited to the same photographer Brian Prahl, technically a “paparazzo.” He even bragged on his FB page that he was in Greece with the Kardashians and it was such an amazing vacation! WTF! Not only that, but Kim is smiling right into the camera in half of the pictures.

- Another source recently revealed about Kim, “If she turns up looking amazing in a bikini, you can bet she controlled the whole thing."
- One time Kim was doing a photo shoot on Miami Beach and the pap she most likely tipped off, apparently fell asleep in the grass and she tweeted, “This pap fell asleep on the job, missed my whole Miami Beach photo shoot!!” Since the pap couldn’t get the photos, Kim had to tweet about it, to ensure we all knew that she was indeed shooting on the beach in Miami.
-Kim’s “honeymoon” with Kris Humphries was photographed by none other than the same guy who went to Greece with her, photographer Brian Prahl. Noticing a pattern here?
Now that you are aware of Kim’s history with the paparazzi, do you still feel bad for her?
Carson Daly went OFF on his radio show this morning, stating that he has no sympathy for her and she shouldn’t complain, especially considering her history with the media. Heck, some of Kim’s vacations were PAID for by the paparazzi.
KTLA news anchor Sam Rubin echoed those sentiments, basically saying Kim needs to stop playing the victim.
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