Justin Bieber Lashes Out At Paparazzi

Justin Bieber just doesn’t get it.
He is sooo over the media attention, yet continues to aggressively confront the cameras he so loudly despises. It’s a negative shame spiral and he’s only part of the cycle when he acts out like this.
But we’re getting ahead of ourselves…
Bieber was involved in another face-to-face altercation with a paparazzo in Miami on Wednesday, this time taking it a step further and ordering his security to steal the photographer’s camera.
The exchange was caught on tape where you can hear Justin scream at his bodyguards, “Grab that camera! Get that fucking camera out of here!”
The photographer then pleads with Justin to not to take the camera, which is when the singer attempts to strike a compromise, sounding like a tween version of The Godfather.

“Alright, alright, I’m going to give you your camera back,” you can hear him respond, with a cocky tone. “I’m going to take your SIM card though.” (Um, it's a memory card, Justin—get the equipment you're stealing in check, puh-lease.)
From there the photographer asks for Justin to reconsider, saying he’ll delete the photos, but Justin’s already made up his mind on this score. He’s already made him an offer, he can’t refuse.
"Get out of here!" Justin then taunts repeatedly.

Now the police are involved, investigating the incident in question. (Justin apparently gave the memory card back; otherwise if the paparazzo wanted to take this to court, he has a serious case with evidence.)
Just hours before there was apparently another altercation between Justin’s bodyguards and the paparazzi—a security guard allegedly choking a photographer while trying to obtain his camera—but because no police
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