Justin Bieber is basically the worst neighbor ever. Bieber is living college-style, but in an exclusive gated community in the suburbs and his neighbors hate it.
When he’s not driving at dangerously fast speeds through the neighborhood, he’s throwing loud parties that go all night. And when he’s partying, his friends are parking overnight all along his street. For those of you not familiar with Los Angeles, it's basically illegal to park anywhere in this city without paying. 
His neighbors are reportedly withholding their monthly homeowners association fees in an effort to get the HOA to do something about Bieber problem.
Apparently 500 homeowners who each pay $1,000 a month are all withholding their monthly fee until the HOA gives Bieber a “stern talking to.” Legally they can’t get Bieber kicked out, so the neighbors are just hoping the HOA actually steps in and sets Bieber straight.
Basically, no one in the swanky Calabasas neighborhood is going to pay their dues until Bieber stops partying, driving fast and acting like a douchebag.
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