Does Amanda Bynes Have a Secret Second Twitter Account?

So many Amanda Bynes-es, so little time. For instance, it’s difficult enough trying to keep up with one of her Twitter accounts, but throw another in the mix and it’s enough to cause extreme vertigo.
The 'retired' actress, who was just officially verified on Twitter, retweeted an avatar-less account recently and it’s giving all her followers a serious case of déjà vu, because they sound strikingly familiar.
The account @persiannyc27—which goes simply by the name Barbie—is already something of a giveaway. Any turn-of-the-‘00s kid who spent way too much time on AIM can tell you that the number “27” is probably indicative of her age (Amanda is 27), “nyc” her location, and Barbie, which is hyper feminine. Classic A/S/L demographics parading as a screen name.
Just look at these two tweets, for example —
From Amanda’s verified Twitter account:

From Barbie’s Twitter account:

Barbie’s first follower was also @AmandaBynes, which can’t go unnoticed and is pretty telling. After all Amanda only follows people that she likes, and there’s no one she likes more than herself.
After making that Einhorn is Finkle, Finkle is Einhorn revelation, it makes tweets like this from “Barbie” all the more disturbing:
“You're so ugly I want to stab your face with a knife, carve out ur eye balls and stab your voice box so I no longer have to hear your voice”
If “Barbie” really is Amanda, it appears to be her way of acting out further online to an even darker recess of her psyche.
Amanda’s already denied that it’s her covert Twitter, claiming that it’s a real-life friend of hers from high school. Did Amanda go to regular high school? Wasn't she busy "acting?"
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