David Beckham Gushes Over 'Beautiful' Wife Victoria

We are 100% confident that David Beckham is THE perfect man. He’s got tattoos but pays attention to fashion. His haircut is ALWAYS following the latest trend in men’s grooming but it's never too metro. He holds babies and plays soccer. But at the end of the day, he’s obsessed with his wife and it’s the cutest thing ever.
The couple married in 1999 and David says that wifey Victoria Beckham is “still just as beautiful today” as she was when they first met.
David gushed to French news channel TF1 about the first time they met, when he was just a nominally famous soccer player and Victoria was an international pop star.
“I was playing with Manchester United against Chelsea in London, and she came down with my manager. I was very shy so I introduced myself and left,” David remembers how he almost lost her forever!

“I kind of was disappointed that I didn't talk to her a bit more, but then the next week she came back for another game, then it was my chance and I got her number,” David said.
And here’s a bonus cute quote of David talking about Harper, “She’s not going out. She’s going to be like Rapunzel, she’s gonna be up in the tower!”
Well, if she inherited half of her parents' perfect DNA, she’s going to be handed modeling contracts before she even has time to negotiate her first reality TV series.
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