Amanda Bynes Offered Her Own Radio Show?

Amanda Bynes retired from acting, but she’s not down and out in the employment department and applying for food stamps and what not, that’s if she decides to take this latest job offer from Playboy.
And, no, it’s not a topless spread in their magazine.
Initially, Playboy Radio offered Amanda a guest hosting position on its on-air program.
That proposition was revealed when the company publicly tweeted Amanda the following message: “@AmandaBynes Seriously, Amanda – we want you to co-host our afternoon show for a day. Please DM [direct message] your info.”
Now it appears that was just the tip of the iceberg because it’s no longer a part-time gig, but something a lot more full-time, TMZ reported.
A rep for the station told TMZ that they’ve officially submitted an offer for Amanda to have her own hour-long radio show to air daily. If accepted, it will premiere on a trial basis—a week long to test if it’s something that could work out for all parties involved—and from there extended into a full-year deal.
The deal also comes with her own personal driver to take her to and from work, in addition to a producer attached to take care of the particulars.
But will Amanda take the station up on their offer?
As of right now...the answer is not at this time. “I want to [do the show],” Amanda told Playboy, “but I can’t because I’m recording an album.” (Amanda recently announced she’s going to be a rapper.)
If we’ve learned anything these past few weeks, it’s better to not predict anything whatsoever from this unpredictable personality.
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