Who Wants a Jennifer Lawrence Sex Tape? Apparently Everyone

People love Jennifer Lawrence. Every part of her. No, like every part of her.

The actress took the top, uh, position in a survey asking which celebrity they'd like to see in a sex tape. Hollywood humblebrag?
When they're not balancing out camera tripods for your viewing pleasure, XCritic.com and Vivid Entertainment set up provocative polls asking guys which celebrity that's way out of their league they'd like to see getting it on, down, sideways, Kama Sutra lotus flower on celluloid—the celebrity sex tape they'd have "the most interest in watching or buying."

Jennifer rising to number one here makes perfect sense considering people with too much time on their hands and an Internet connection are willing to spend over $3,000 on a bra she wore for a movie one time.

The Oscar winner took 22 percent of the vote, followed closely by another recent Oscar winner: Anne Hathaway with 17 percent.

Something tells us they aren't exactly texting their parents the news either. We also doubt if this is a trophy they'll be placing on their mantles anytime soon. Not just because it's for a sex tape, but because that trophy would probably be molded into a complicated position too awkward for most mantles.

Also worth mentioning on the list, Jennifer Aniston, who walked away with 15 percent of the vote, because it's not a real poll unless Jennifer ends up a runner-up on it.
Other names gracing the list included Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus, and surprisingly/not-so-surprisingly Lindsay Lohan.
For the record, guys: No, none of these ladies need you to be their leading man. Save that pick-up line for the bars this weekend. Carry on.
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