The Kardashian Baby Date Scandal

Kim Kardashian lying about something? She'd never! Unless it's her baby Kimye's arrival date, according to a new report.
In any case, let's run through the laminated index card chronicling Kim's pregnancy timeline we always have at the ready for moments like this.

At the start of the year, Kim told the "Today" show that her expected due date would be in July. Her words: "July." It's on camera and we always believe everything Kim says on her gritty National Geographic documentary "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," so why wouldn't we here?

However, the experts at Page Six say that it's not in July at all, but earlier than Kim said.

Here's where that rumor comes from…

Last weekend, fashion stylist Monica Rose had a baby shower thrown for her at Bagatelle LA  and all three Kardashian sisters attended. A source at the West Hollywood eatery says that they overheard Kim mention that she was due in mid-June, which doesn't match-up with what she first stated in January.

Kim's never really one to keep things private. Those speculating say it's because she wants to give herself some time to lose weight before showing off her post-pregnant body.
In other words, she's basically giving herself a cushion to wow whatever magazine cover and staged paparazzi photos set to hit your computer screens in July. Could've been a case of mishearing "July" for "June." Also, this rumor can easily be refuted if Kim's spotted by the vultures with cameras staking out Cedars Sinai this summer. She's supposedly pre-booked and soundproofed an entire floor of the hospital for her delivery and something that extravagant can't go unnoticed.
Regardless, you wouldn't exactly put a plan like this past someone this media savvy either.
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