Snooki Calls Pregnancy 'Disgusting'

While the rest of Hollywood loves to rant and rave about how perfect pregnancy is and they love throwing around terms like “pregnancy glow” and “it’s surprisingly easy” and “I’m only craving celery sticks” –Snooki will tell it like it is.

“Lorenzo made me pretty and he made me lose weight,” Snooki told TMZ, “but pregnancy? Everybody makes it seem so glamorous and cute. But it’s h*ll and disgusting.”
And this is why Snooki is our favorite. This is also why the "Jersey Shore" cast should not be having babies. But, she’s still our favorite.

As soon as Snooki called childbirth “disgusting,” she immediately realized that mommy-blogs and/or those attachment parenting-types would swoop down in a vengeful Twitter storm and quickly added, “But the reward is worth it.”
Just so we’re clear…being pregnant and pushing a baby out of your hoo-ha is “h*ll” but having a baby, oh it’s “worth it.”
Despite how much Snooki hated having a watermelon in her stomach for 9 months, she still wants another baby.
“Yeah, I want one right now, but it’s just not the right time. We’re gonna try to plan this one,” says Snooks.

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