Rumor Control: Is Taylor Swift Dating Pro-Surfer?

Taylor Swift is reportedly dating an Australian pro-surfer named John John Florence. The two supposedly met in November and have been planning a second date later this month.
Besides John John’s confusing TWO first names and the fact that they are averaging 1 date every 6 months, Grazia magazine insists that the two have been talking and that Taylor is super “keen” on him.
Well, it turns out Taylor has never even met the dude.
“She is not dating him, not texting him, and doesn’t know him,” Taylor's rep tells Hollyscoop.
Anyone who believed this story is a dumb-dumb anyway and here's why:

The Grazia source claimed, “Taylor seems extremely keen on JJ. He’s quite different to anyone she’s dated in the past, and while he’s in the spotlight, it’s his prowess as a surfer that she admires.”
Mind you, they say this right after acknowledging that they went on ONE date. Sure, Taylor moves fast, but c’mon, she really feels strongly about a dude she probably spent a few hours with?
This is as laughably untrue as when she “hooked up” with Ed Sheeran. Ed's like two feet shorter than her, that would never work out.
Besides, didn’t you read Taylor’s recent interview for Wonderland magazine where she revealed, “I have no idea if I’m going to get married or be single forever, or have a family or be on my own.”
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