Rihanna Gets Rowdy At LA Clippers Game

While Chris Brown was reportedly flirting with rando blonde chicks at LA nightclubs on Saturday night, Rihanna spent Sunday afternoon without Chris at the Lakers/Clippers game.
At first glance it looks like Rihanna’s on a date with some guy, but the “guy” is actually just her manager Jay Brown, reports OK! magazine.
It is weird that Chris was partying without RiRi on Saturday night and then Ri went out with her girlfriends in LA on Sunday night.
It's odd behavior for the two to NOT be together, as they've been separated since Rihanna's been on tour, especially after Chris did the media rounds all last week and insisted that he’s totally loyal to Rihanna and that they might be soulmates or some other BS.

During the basketball game, Rihanna guzzled beer and what appeared to be a vodka Red Bull double. Let’s just say it was too dark to be water, but to light to be iced tea. And it was a HUGE cup. So yeah, Rihanna was wasted.
Later in the game, will.i.am walked up to Rihanna and tapped her on the shoulder. One of the perks of having front row seats, it’s like a celebrity hot spot.
At one point during half-time, Rihanna just stood on the court so the photogs could get a good photo of her and the basketball fans could take iPhone photos of her.
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