Miley Cyrus' New Song About Drugs and Heartbreak

After months of Miley Cyrus’ threatening tweets about how her music “will shut everyone up,” she’s finally released some music that’s supposedly going to shut us up. Okay Miley, do your worst.
Here’s Miley’s first new release since those “backyard sessions” and it’s actually a Snoop Lion track (formerly Snoop Dogg) featuring Miley, but she gets a lot of vocal time AND the song is about smoking weed and getting over a heartbreak.
Heartbreak? Not about Liam Hemsworth, we’re sure. But what’s with all the weed references? Her dog is named after the stuff, she tweets about it constantly, gah we get it, you’re a stoner!
Also, Miley here is a long way from her country days. If you like her songs “It’s The Climb” or even “Party In The U.S.A.” you will NOT like this song.
It’s like an auto-tuned, reggae knock-off mess trying to be a No Doubt song. Miley was probably just cheaper than hiring Gwen Stefani for the hook, we’re sure.
And Miley does a bunch of “yeahaahah” kind of riffs, but they are a LONG way from being Mariah Carey.

Also, Snoop Lion’s “singing” career is just so weird to begin with. The combination of Snoop’s singing, the marijuana references, and the auto-tune is just too much.
You can listen to the song here if you feel so moved, or feel like lighting up a joint.
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