Britney Spears Thinks Annette Funicello's Passing Is "Great"

Usually when someone asks you something and you don't hear them, the natural response would be to say, "Sorry, I didn't hear that…what did you ask?"

But Britney Spears isn't most people. She isn't just any random "someone" who grew up learning the basic rules of communication.
She was put through the Disney Factory Assembly Line of Future Megastars and programmed to just respond favorably to everything.
That's where this paparazzi video of Britney responding to the news of Annette Funicello's death comes into play. The original Mickey Mouse Club member died today at 70.

In a TMZ video, Britney is approached before entering her SUV and asked how she feels about Annette's passing.
Britney is all smiles, pauses for a moment as she gets situated in her passenger seat, and then says, "I think that's great." Slams the door shut. Burns rubber as she releases an evil laugh with hysterical abandon, because apparently there was a secret Mickey Mouse Club behind-the-scenes rivalry spanning generations that we didn't know about.

That or the LA winds were blowing slightly harder these days muddling the camera man's question, which is more realistic and far less interesting.

Britney did appear a bit confused approaching her vehicle, so this does seem to be a simple misunderstanding—a big deal out of nothing.
Just think about the last time you were riding public transportation and the person sitting next to you asked you a question you half-heard and glazed over, so you just nodded along agreeably to be polite. That's basically the relationship between celebrities and paparazzi when there isn't a red carpet around: a very long bus ride of fielding questions from random strangers in conversations you're not at all invested in.
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