Taylor Swift’s 'Crippling Loneliness' Sends Her Back To Ex

Here’s another story about how Taylor Swift is sad and desperate. Enter if you dare.
So this UK Tabloid called Grazia, who are usually very on-point about their gossip, is reporting that Taylor is suffering from “crippling loneliness,” and has fallen into the familiar arms of an ex.
Which ex? Keep Scrolling.
It’s Conor Kennedy. Yeah, between homeroom and gym class Conor finds time to send flirty texts to Taylor Swift now apparently.

“Conor has been a real source of comfort to Taylor lately,” the source tells the mag, “She loves that he listens to her worries and he has been a real crutch. He’s the most down-to-earth person she’s dated.”
So yeah, they are reportedly trying to make it work again once Taylor gets some free time during her six-month long RED tour. Taylor probably realized he was graduating from high school in a few months and wanted to get back to him before he discovers “college girls.”
But back to this “crippling loneliness” issue. How crippled is she really? And at what point does loneliness turn from desperate to CRIPPLING! It sounds painful.
According to the source, Taylor has been “struggling with being single since splitting from Harry Styles in January.”
Uggh, give us a break Grazia, she is not “struggling” with being single, especially since she dated Harry for about as long as it takes to sing “I Knew You Were Trouble.”
We're not 100% sure if we believe any of this, but we do like the phrase “crippling loneliness” so that’s what's happening.
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