Rachel McAdams' Phone Calls to Ryan Gosling Are Annoying Eva Mendes

Believe it or not (probably "not"), Rachel McAdams has been ringing up her old flame Ryan Gosling for some needed support after breaking up with Michael Sheen recently.

As we all know from the make-believe relationships we have with him, Ryan is just the best listener in the whole wide world and tends to give the best advice, so he'd be the guy you turn to during all of life's hardships, like a messy break-up or if you can't remember what the difference is between "permanent press" and "normal" on your washing machine, naturally.

However, according to a source close to the couple, all these phone calls aren't sitting that well with Ryan's current girlfriend, Eva Mendes.

“Rachel’s always kept in touch with Ryan, but now that she’s split with Michael, she’s been calling him and using him as a shoulder to cry on,” a supposed close pal told Now magazine.

If you were hoping the source would then divulge Ryan's cell number, so we could ALL have his shoulder to cry on as needed, well then keep dreaming because instead all we get is some info about how it's effecting Eva. Yeah, way to be the most unhelpful "source" in the world, source...

"It hasn’t gone down very well with Eva, to say the least, but Ryan wants to be there as a friend for his ex.”
That's a nice reflection of Ryan's character if true, but this just sounds like a wishful rumor for all of you who own Eva Mendes-shaped voodoo dolls and want her and Ryan to break-up so you can quickly swoop in and be his rebound. Put your pins and needles down because even if Rachel is dialing up Ryan to platonically talk things out (plausible considering they've still managed to remain amicable friends after their break-up), Eva doesn't seem like the jealous type. Look at her and her perfectly shaped eyebrows. Safe to say Eva can hold her own.
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