Miley, Vanessa, Rita, Kate: RATCHET BRACKET - DAY 1

In honor of March Madness and mostly because we don’t know what that is, because this is and not and we don’t care about sports unless it’s Ryan Lochte getting in or out of a swimming pool, we decided instead to dedicate our March Madness bracket to all things famous and ratchet in what we’re calling our RATCHET BRACKET!
2222222222 In the first round to determine who is the most RATCHET in Hollywood, we have Miley Cyrus going head-to-head with Vanessa Hudgens and for round two Kate Upton is battling it out with Rita Ora.
Miley Cyrus VS Vanessa Hudgens: Yesterday both girls released twerking videos. Rule #1 of ratchetness is “can you twerk?” Miley proved that yes, she can twerk with this bizarre video where she wore a unicorn onesie and “backed dat a$$ up” to the ratchet anthem “WOP.” For Vanessa’s part, she stopped by Jay Leno to promote her movie Spring Breakers which is really just a slideshow of bikinis and ratchetness, but what’s important here is that she gave a 7-second demonstration of booty poppin’. You can watch that video here.
So who is more ratchet? Miley and her unicorn twerk or baby V’s talk show throw down? We’ll reveal the winner tomorrow!
In Round 2 we have:

Kate Upton VS Rita Ora: Now, we know what you’re thinking, how is Kate Upton ratchet? Let us count the ways... She took her clothes off for Terry Richardson to do the Cat Daddy dance, she went to a basketball game and filmed herself doing the dougie and she spends 99% of her life in a bikini. Ratchet. Now, Rita Ora on the other hand is probably Queen of the Ratchets. She tucks her blonde weave inside a The Hundred beanie on the regular, Rob Kardashian said she cheated on him with “20 dudes” and Azealia Banks (an honorary ratchet, btw) called her “Rihanna’s Understudy.” Diss, for suresies!
So, Kate Upton VS Rita Ora, who is more ratchet?
Tomorrow we find out which two of these four girls will go head-to-head and move on to the next round!
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