Miley Loves Showing Off Her Hot Bod

Last time I checked, midriff-exposing tops were supposed to die along with the '90s, belly chains, and toe rings. Apparently Miley Cyrus didn’t get the memo.
Here’s Miley showing off what months of yoga, Pilates, and a gluten free diet will do to your stomach.
Miley posted this photo on her Instagram from her vacation in Costa Rica. We might have to reconsider our anti crop top sentiments for a minute because this colorful cropped tube top from designer Rad and Refined is ultra cute.
How did Miley get such a perfect body so quickly? I feel like we blinked for too long and Miley suddenly had zero percent body fat.
It’s partly due to her gluten free and raw diet, apparently.
Miley tweeted over the weekend, “Ate too much pizza and French fries. Yoga and a swim in the a.m.”
“Back to raw tomorrow, right after these birthday cake Oreos,” she also wrote.
Miley was also photographed doing yoga on the beach while on vacation and several months ago Miley was only ever photographed coming and going from the Pilates studio. Speaking of, is Miley cheating on Pilates with yoga? Tsk tsk.
Miley’s not just making headlines for being scantily clad, she also set the gossip world into overdrive with rumors that she might secretly be married to Liam Hemsworth already.
She referred to him as “my hubby” in the recent Cosmopolitan issue.
Not only that, but she and Liam were spotted wearing what appeared to be wedding bands in some photos posted on her Instagram over Christmas. Miley has yet to address the rumors, but it’s kind of weird that Liam was wearing a ring on his ring finger.

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