Miley Cyrus’ Bratty Attitude Blamed For Split

There have been SO MANY rumors swirling around Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s relationship. They broke up. They didn’t. Miley is still hoping for a reconciliation. Liam cheated with January Jones. Miley is actually a little blond boy successfully passing for a 20-something female celebrity. Sorry, we made up that last one.
The newest drama is that their relationship ended because Liam is over Miley’s attention mongering and bratty behavior.
Miley is clinging to their relationship, refusing to believe that it’s over and her denial is pissing off Liam. She thinks breaking up will look bad for her, as a celebrity. She’s more concerned about her image.

“Liam is fed up with Miley’s brattish behavior. She always needs to be the center of attention,” a source told The Sun.
Also, we’ve heard this before, but Liam never really warmed up to Miley’s punk rawk makeover.
“Her freakish transformation has also turned him off. He thought getting engaged would calm her down but she is always looking to make another change,” adds the source.
Uhmm, it’s called “why are you marrying a 20-year-old?” Do you remember when you were 20? When you thought that lip-ring piercings looked good and dying your bangs green was cool?
If Liam didn’t think marrying a 20-year-old was going to be an issue, then he’s just dumb. Sorry, we said it.
Also, none of his family is supportive of the relationship anyway.
“His family thought they were too young to get married anyway. They are very normal and not showbiz at all,” says the source, “He didn’t grow up in the limelight like Miley did and he couldn’t get his head round it. The longer they were together, the more dramatic their relationship became.”
Friends are saying he wants to end the relationship, saying Liam “wants a quieter life. He’s done.”

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