Lindsay Lohan Missed Flight For Her Boyfriend

Lindsay Lohan is a total dumb-dumb. Now that we’ve got that off our chests, Lindsay Lohan has a new boyfriend and he’s the reason she was late to court on Monday.
Dun Dun Dun.
Lindsay’s newest beau is a guitarist and a club promoter (how original) in NYC named Avi Snow and they’ve only been together for a few weeks. Their relationship is in “the early stages,” according to a source and Avi was riding in the private jet with Lindsay on the way to the courthouse.
Lindsay was supposed to fly back to LA on Saturday but missed her flight because there was so much partying to be had in NYC. Specifically, she had to go see her boyfriend’s band play. Ugggh.
So he’s the newest bad influence in Lindsay’s already bad-enough line-up of bad influences.
Then, on Tuesday night AFTER Lindsay went to the clink to take her mug shot, she left the jailhouse to go see her boy toy’s band perform in Santa Monica.
Imagine how that night went.
Avi: Hey what did you do today?
Lindsay: Oh you know, just stopped by the jailhouse to have my mug shot taken, was booked for a hot minute, and then came straight here. How was your day?
This won't last, namely because her beau is a club promoter and everyone has dated a club promoter at least once in their lives and it only lasts for about two weeks or as long as it takes for the club promoter to change his phone number.
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