Lindsay Lo-Down: Parties All Weekend & Might Go To Jail

It’s Monday, which means an entire weekend full of Lindsay Lohan drama to sift through and we've gathered it all for your enjoyment.
Jail-time?: So, Lindsay was sentenced to 90-days in a “lock down rehab” facility to serve what was supposed to be a 90-day jail sentence. Too bad there is no such thing as a “lock down” rehab center anywhere in the U.S.
Maybe they can ship her out to Dubai to fulfill the sentence and promote some milkshakes while she’s out there, but the important part is, the prosecutors in her court case are DUMB and didn’t know there is no such thing as a rehab center that keeps you locked up that isn’t jail.
Now, they are forced to reevaluate Lindsay’s sentence, meaning LiLo STILL isn’t off the hook because sources tell TMZ that jail is still an option.

She’s Partying: Even though Lindsay is supposedly headed to rehab, ironically she’s been partying non-stop since the trial.
Over the weekend, Lindsay hit up a club in Santa Monica to see her boyfriend Avi Snow’s band perform. In the photos, she’s only spotted drinking San Pellegrino.
But on Friday night, she hit up a club in San Diego and sources at the club said she asked for vodka to be served to her from carafes instead of bottles so she wouldn’t be photographed with alcohol bottles at her table.
Too bad she was reportedly throwing back vodka ON THE ROCKS all night.
She’s making money: Lindsay just scored a six-figure paycheck just to go to Brazil for a week and promote a clothing line. We didn’t even know she had a clothing line? Uggh, celebrities, they’ll endorse anything for money.
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