Liam Hemsworth’s Friends Want Him To Dump Miley Cyrus

Liam Hemsworth's friends want him to break up with Miley Cyrus. High-fives all around for Liam Hemsworth’s friends.
A source told Us Weekly that “Liam’s friends suggested he end things.”
Here’s why we think that’s a good thing.
Earlier today, Miley drove to Orange County to do an interview with Ryan Seacrest and of course she was joined by her best friend Cheyne Thomas instead of her fiancé, even though Miley has been without her fiancé for weeks.
Whatever, we’re not going to judge, but we’re judging.
However, a different source just told People that everything is perfect in paradise with these two.

"Since Liam returned to LA, Miley has been in the best mood. They are together and will continue with their wedding plans," says the source.
So, basically, just pick and choose which "source" you want to believe; Us Weekly or People.
But we still don't buy it. We think Miley is desperately trying to save face, because during her Ryan Seacrest interview, Miley never mentioned Liam, which is bizarre because she’s never shy about her relationship. She usually finds a way to work in “Liam is so hot” or various iterations of “OMG Liam” in every interview.
Miley’s entire interview was about her new twerk video, which she says is “something that comes naturally…it’s a lot of booty action.”
One of the biggest sources of frustration for Liam (allegedly) is that Miley is totally self-involved.
“Liam is fed up of Miley’s brattish behavior. She always needs to be the center of attention,” a source told The Sun.
Not only do his friends want him to dump Miley, but his parents “thought they were too young to get married anyway. [His parents] are very normal and not showbiz at all.”
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